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Water quality meter TDS-meter 2 in 1

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Portable meter TDS-meter (TDS-3 salt meter) is designed to measure the total amount of particles (water salinity), dissolved salts (TDS - total dissolved solids) per one million water particles - ppm (parts per million), as well as temperature water. TDS-meter model TDS-3 is intended for household and professional purposes of measuring salinity and water temperature in water treatment and water purification systems for hydroponics, aquariums, swimming pools, as well as water analysis in wells and wells.

The TDS meter is used to control the level of salts and minerals, assess the overall hardness, electrical conductivity, and also check the efficiency of cleaning filters. In order to determine the level of mineralization of water, it is enough to pour it into a glass, take a TDS meter, remove the protective cap, lower the electrodes into the water and measure.

The device-analyzer of salinity and water temperature TDS-3 consists of:

- Instrument case with indicator (3x digital display)

- On / off and hold button

- Electrodes under the protective cover

The principle of operation of the meter (TDS-meter) is based on the direct dependence of the electrical conductivity on the amount of salt compounds dissolved in water, recalculated in ppm. An additional convenience of the portable TDS meter is the function of measuring the temperature of the water.

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