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Toothbrush Curaprox ultrasoft CS 5460 ORTHO with recess

Brand: Curaprox
Product Code: 0399
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It is recommended to use the CS 5460 "ORTHO" brush with a "recess" to clean the outside of the bracket systems. A special recess ensures impeccable cleanliness of the bracket system. CS 5460 "ORTHO" has 5460 CUREN® bristles for thorough and thorough cleaning.
In the production of CURAPROX brushes, the patented Development - CUREN® bristle is used. It is made of the latest generation of polyester, unlike ordinary brushes, the bristles of which are made of nylon. The water absorption of polyester is 6 times less, so even in the wet state CUREN® bristles retain their original elasticity and plasticity.

Tags: Toothbrush Curaprox ultrasoft CS 5460 ORTHO with recess

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