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Philips OneBlade electric shaver case

Brand: Інше
Product Code: 1497
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The Philips OneBlade trimmer case will help you avoid unwanted damage, moisture and dust.

Ideal for storage and travel. May contain trimmer, nozzles and additional blades.

The presence of this case will provide an additional guarantee that you will keep the Philips OneBlade electric shaver intact and safe in the event of an unforeseen situation.

Moisture will not penetrate into this case, because it is made of high quality waterproof material.

In addition, the Philips OneBlade electric shaver case is very convenient! The razor will avoid contact with other things in your luggage or cosmetic bag. Thanks to this organizer, which will take all the unwanted actions on itself, your razor will not have any scratches or chips.

You can buy the case for the Philips OneBlade electric shaver in Kiev at favorable prices on the website of our online store today

Size: 19 * 7 * 6 cm

Color: black with a light green stripe on the zipper

Tags: Cover for the Philips OneBlade electric shaver, a cover for QP2510, a cover for QP2520, a cover for QP2530, the Cover for the electric razor

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