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Curaprox CS 3960 Supersoft Toothbrush, dark turquoise with blue bristles

Brand: Curaprox
Product Code: 0374
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For people who are used to making some effort when brushing their teeth, but do not want to damage the gum line. Gradual change of stiffness facilitates the transition from harder to softer bristles for anyone.

Recommended for effective and atraumatic cleaning, especially for those patients who already have signs of periodontal disease and hard tooth tissue.
CS 3960 "super soft" will protect your gums and teeth from damage while you learn the proper technique of brushing your teeth.

The patented CUREN® bristle creates an extremely thick and effective cleaning surface.

-CUREN® bristles are denser than nylon. They dry 6 (!) Times faster (bacteria accumulate less);

-60% more retain their cleansing properties. Carefully clean the enamel surface, more carefully destroy and remove plaque, especially in the area of the gingival sulcus;

- The small and compact head of a toothbrush having easy inclination provides correct position of a brush in a cervical zone;

- The octagonal handle from easy polypropylene helps to brush teeth at the right angle;

The brush contains 3960 super-thin bristles;

Held in Switzerland.

Tags: Toothbrush, Curaprox, Supersoft, CS 3960, yellow with red bristles

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