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Curaprox Perio Plus Balance Rinse aid containing 0.05% chlorhexidine, 200 ml

Brand: Curaprox
Product Code: 0842
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Active ingredients

Chlorhexidine 0.05%
Sodium fluoride (230 ppm F)
PVP / VA copolymer

PerioPlus + Balance reduces the risk of caries and gingivitis for orthodontic brackets; in cases of dry mouth associated with treatment; in cases of motility disorders.

For long-term use up to 6 months. Continue use as recommended by your doctor.

Instructions for use: The solution is ready for use. Fill the mouth (10 ml) with undiluted product for 1 minute. Repeat the procedure twice a day in the morning and evening after meals.

It is recommended to refrain from smoking and consuming dyes (tea, coffee) for 1 hour after drinking.

Caution: Do not use toothpastes that contain sodium lauryl sulfate during treatment. Do not swallow - for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. Special recommendations for disposal.

Ingredients: water, xylitol, polysorbate 20, flavor, phenoxyethanol,, VP / VA copolymer, chlorhexidine digluconate, sucralose, cetylpyridinium chloride, polylysine, citric acid, citrus fruit extract Amara (Citrox®), glycerol, sodium chloride, hydroxide sodium (230 ppmF).

Shelf life is indicated on the package, after opening the bottle the shelf life is 6 months.

The bottle contains 200 ml.

Tags: Curaprox Perio Plus Balance Rinse aid containing 0.05% chlorhexidine, 200 ml

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